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Oh! That Was For Me, Too

Words of Wisdom We Give to Others That Apply to Self As Well

Meme & India provide impactful words in a mini self-help book. The book of inspirational words of wisdom used to encourage you in times when you momentarily forget how awesome, amazing, and blessed you are

Beauty From Ashes

Detroit Raised Me, God Saved Me

​​Turning Pain Into Purpose! Meme Green was the product of a fatherless home and incarcerated parent. She was left to the wolves in the mean streets of Detroit. Watch how God pulls her from the fire after being molested, abused and raped.

Pieces of Me, Evolution of Meme Green

Every time you have a relationship that person takes a piece of you with them. Follow Meme Green on her journey to regain pieces from the "Married Man", "Control Freak", "Prison Pimp" and "Baggage Carrier". 

Confusion to Clarity

A Therapist's Grief 

A candid journey about a battle with grief. The book provides tips and encouragement for those that are battling with grief.  Confusion to Clarity Workbook available now. 

From Fatherless to Fearless

Fatherless to Fearless is a bestseller. 

 In the book From Fatherless to Fearless II, six courageous women conquer the unchartered truth of marriage by shining a light on the ugly side of perfection. As the residue of their fatherless past tries to taint their future, they’ll reveal how to intentionally choose forgiveness, have tough love conversations, and choose to break free of generational cycles.

They’re not only married...they’re married to a new way!.

Why My Mom Anthology

Sold Out!

Why My Mom anthology is for the little girl and boy, still yearning for their mother's love and attention. It speaks to the resilient mothers and fathers who refuse to raise broken children. Standing tall and strong, eight brave authors call out their truths about trauma, the excuses, and the enablers. Collectively, they are taking a bold position and knocking out trauma. 

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