Meme Green  

Turning Pain Into Purpose

Meme Green is a self-published author who holds recognitions such as "Author Hall of Fame" and "Indie Legacy Trailblazer Author of the Year Nominee". Her first publication is entitled "Beauty From Ashes-Detroit Raised Me, God Saved Me" is a testimony of strength and overcoming trauma(abuse, molestation and domestic violence). Meme Green is the founder of the nonprofit, Emma's House Inc., that services youth from marginalized areas. In addition to being an author, Meme Green is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She enjoys teaching workshops on Minority Mental Health and teaching counseling courses at the university

"Your Biggest Pain will usher you to your greatest purpose."-Meme Green 


Literary Coach

Are you ready to write your testimony? Meme Green will work with you to turn your pain into purpose. 

Motivational Speaker

Meme Green is a well known keynote speaker with a life changing message. 


Meme Green provides writing workshops and Minority Mental Health Workshop 

New Release 

Confusion to Clarity, A Therapist's Grief Workbook​

Grief doesn't discriminate. Grief doesn't care about race, age, gender or profession. I almost lost the battle. Do you find yourself struggling to overcome grief? Do you feel like a piece of you is missing? Confusion to Clarity, A Therapist's Grief will help you navigate though the journey. Purchase the workbook now!!!!!!!!!!!​